Daniela Mastroberardino is the new chairwoman of Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino

Daniela Mastroberardino is the new chairwoman of Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino

Daniela Mastroberardino is the new chairwoman of Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino

A producer from the Campania region, CEO and export manager of the Terredora winery in Montefusco (Avellino), she was appointed by the new Board of Directors. The departing chairwoman Donatella Cinelli Colombini, who led the Association for seven years, bringing the number of members to over a thousand, handed her the symbolic bell.

“It is time to look to the future” – said the newly elected Mastroberardino – “without forgetting the almost 35 years of heritage that are being handed down to us and which are the fruit of the work of all of us women of wine, but, in particular, of the chairwomen who have preceded me and who have done so much, each of them with their own distinctive trait. My thanks go to all of them, represented by the three I know best: Pia Donata Berlucchi, the first chairwoman I worked with, Elena Martusciello, also from Campania, with whom I shared so much in my early days as a member of the association, and Donatella Cinelli Colombini, from whom I am receiving the baton after seven extraordinary years”.

And she announced: “The road traced has become familiar to so many of us, to all those members who have dedicated time and energy over the years to making Le Donne del Vino that splendid association which is and which, from today, I will have the honour or, perhaps it would be better to say, the responsibility of leading. The future will be characterised by continuity, proposing the point of view of women in the “magical” world of wine in which we work: culture and promotion, training, presence on issues affecting the sector, internationalisation. I am confident that we will also have the ability to innovate: there can be no continuity without a hint of discontinuity”.

She will be assisted by the honorary deputy chairwoman Francesca Poggio (Piedmont), and deputy chairwomen Marianna Cardone (Apulia) and Paola Longo (Lombardy). The Board of Directors that will remain in office for the 2023-2025 three-year term is completed by: Marilisa Allegrini (Veneto), Pia Donata Berlucchi (Lombardy), Antonella Cantarutti (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Cristiana Cirielli (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Carolin Martino (Basilicata), Dominique Marzotto (Sicily), Antonietta Mazzeo (Emilia Romagna), Jenny Vian Gomez (Abruzzo). The board of arbitrators consists of Michela Guadagno (Campania), Elena Tessari (Veneto), Romina Togn (Trentino Alto Adige).

Born in 1968, she began her career in 1992 at Mastroberardino. In 1994, when the destinies of the Mastroberardino family took different paths, she participated with her father Walter and her brothers Paolo and Lucio in the transformation and development of the family’s agricultural estate, Terredora Di Paolo, which now occupies 180 hectares of vineyards where some of the labels that contribute to spreading Irpinia and Campania all over the world are born. Daniela is now CEO and export manager of Terredora. She has been a member of Le Donne del Vino since the late 1990s, when the Campania delegation consisted of just four producers. Having been a national councillor several times under chairwomen Berlucchi, Martusciello and Cinelli Colombini, she has been deputy chairwoman since 2016. She has also held positions in other trade associations. She was chairwoman of the Campania Wine Tourism Movement before becoming national chairwoman of the Wine Tourism Movement, a role she held from 2012 to 2015. In 2016, she was awarded the Standout Woman Award and the Out of Home Excellence Award by Fipe – Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi.

Le Donne del Vino are the world’s biggest women’s wine association. Established in 1988, it now has 1018 members including winemakers, restaurateurs, wine shop owners, sommeliers and journalists. Le Donne del Vino are represented in every Italian region, coordinated into delegations. The association is non-profit and promotes wine culture and the role of women in the wine production chain. In 2019, they formed an international network with ten similar associations in other parts of the world. During the 2nd World Convention of Women in Wine hosted at Simei Milan in November, they signed an international cooperation pact with representatives of Amuva – Argentina, The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society-Australia, 11 Frauen und ihre Weine – Austria, Chile, Wow- Croatia, Femmes de Vin – France, Baia’s Wine – Georgia, Vinissima – Germany, Women in Wine – New Zealand, Las Damas del Pisco – Peru. The Italian Donne del Vino promote surveys on the gender gap in wineries and the use of light glass. Collaboration with universities and training facilities has led to a significant increase in teaching activities for members, especially in the fields of marketing and communication. As of the 2021-2022 academic year, the experimentation of the D-Vino project organised directly by the Donne del Vino was launched to introduce the teaching of wine in tourism and hospitality schools. The members are currently compiling the first Italian recipe book that draws on native grapes or wines to describe traditional local dishes. Actions in favour of preserving local identity and the historical heritage of Italian vineyards also include tastings of wines from “reliquary grapes” and “ancient vineyards”. Le Donne del Vino promote wine tourism en plein air with the Camper Friendly project. They combat violence against women with fundraisers, conferences and awareness-raising actions such as #tunonseisola and the more recent sharing corner of the website to help those looking for jobs. More news can be found on the website and blog www.ledonnedelvino.com as well as in the monthly supplement to Il Corriere Vinicolo, D-News.

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