The chance to develop a knowledge of the wine regions thanks to the promotion of wine and food pairings.

900 recipes from the 900 Donne del Vino, with local and traditional dishes, chosen to pair with wines and grape varieties from the same area. The first recipe collection in the world that begins with wine and then progresses to food, teaching people how to make the typical food best suited to accompany the wines of the same region. “Le ricette del vino” is a comprehensive collection of wines and culinary traditions, providing an insight into the heritage of knowledge and flavours that characterise the many “local terroirs” that make up Italy.

Winemakers, restaurateurs, wine store owners, sommeliers, oenologists, journalists and experts in the sector tell the story of a wine and a typical recipe from their region, starting off by identifying and pairing the territory with a specific wine.

“Le Ricette del Vino” aims to become a point of reference for those who love traditional cuisine and great Italian wines.

With “Le Ricette del vino”, the Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino intends to make a useful contribution to the preservation of Italian material culture and to the knowledge of wine regions, by promoting the historical pairings between wine and food.


You will find new wines and new traditional recipes every week.