Take a photo or shoot a video showing what you can see from your window.

Le Donne del Vino have launched a new hashtag #winewindow destined to go viral and unite those with a passion for great wines and the vineyard landscapes where they originate.  The project is based on an idea by Fiammetta Mussio and Le Donne del Vino of Piemonte, and uses the beauty of Italy’s vineyard landscapes to attract a huge number of wine lovers, promising them an opportunity to meet the winemakers, take part in trekking activities in the countryside, taste great labels and, of course, purchase excellent bottles of wine. At a time characterised by Covid, while the wineries are partially closed to visitors, vineyards and panoramic views take on a whole new importance in the world of tourism. #winewindow intends to promote the farming landscapes where man has influenced the countryside with his different cultural and agricultural activities for thousands of years, transforming it into a tourist attraction of outstanding value.